Principal's Message

Dear UASPA Families,
As we are enjoying the last few days of summer, I want to take a moment to introduce myself to my new family and community! I came on board January 3rd and served as interim acting principal.  I’m excited to share, I will continue my role as principal of Urban Assembly school for the Performing Arts!  I’m excited to partner with you, my families to bring about growth and new opportunities for your teen.
My journey as an educator began as a classroom teacher many years ago. My passion for teaching and developing students then transformed into a new passion of developing teachers and staff and supporting families and communities.  I've worn many hats; serving as team leader, instructional coach, assistant principal, and an Interim-acting principal.
As a school leader, my goal of making sure all of my students have opportunities and access to better choices in life is what is most important, and education is the gateway. If I can contribute to a student believing that he can change his destiny, despite his circumstances, I am content.
2023-2024 is a year of change for the better! I'm excited about the collaboration with HSA which will bring about new opportunities and exposure for my students.  I see growth in numbers for UASPA. Students will become change agents in their families and communities through their passion of the arts. First day of school begins on Thursday, 9/7, our instructional day for everyone begins at 8:30AM and ends at 2:50PM.  We’re on the 100% Attendance Challenge everyday!
In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful tool to change the world.”
Yours in this journey,
Roxanne L. Brown