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Core Values (I CARE)

 Our five core values – Integrity, Community, Artistry, Respect, and Excellence (I CARE) – are grounded in the belief that using the performing arts across the curriculum will allow students to succeed academically and realize the myriad of choices that life holds for them. Our students and teachers will be valuable contributors to a community of artists, students and educators. At UASPA, our core values are treated as non-negotiable for all members of our community.
At UASPA we believe in high morals and ethical standards.
  • We stand up for our convictions and accept responsibility for our own actions.
  • We comply fully with the rules and practices that govern UASPA.
  • We consider and treat academic and artistic dishonesty as a very serious offense.
At UASPA we strive to instill confidence and build a community of artist, students and educators.
  • We recognize and reward accomplishments and we share successes and failures so that we can learn from each other.
  • We hold one another to high expectations, including college, artistry and career preparation.
  • We take responsibility for helping others by contributing fully to the team academically and artistically.
  • We create an atmosphere that will encourage the development of long-term relationships.
At UASPA we are committed to developing our artistic ability, studying the craft, and improving the quality of our art.
  • We engage in performing and celebrating all four aspects of the performing arts.
  • We recognize that it is as important to develop our imagination as it is to develop our academic skills.
  • We use performing arts to promote the development of communication, critical thinking skills, disciplined study, and active learning.
  • We commit to studying, practicing and developing the craft of all four areas (dance, theater, theater tech, and vocal music) of the performing arts.
At UASPA we uphold the dignity of each student, teacher, parent, school leader and member of the community at large.
  • We value diversity, respect differences, and maintain a strong sense of respect for ourselves.
  • We work together to resolve problems with individuals in a respectful manner.
  • We respect ourselves by minding our appearance and abiding by the UASPA dress code.
  • We listen, do not put anyone down, and never use inappropriate, offensive, or hateful language.
At UASPA we promote unity, artistry and academic excellence.
  • We lead by example and strive to produce the highest quality of academic and artistic performance.
  • We work as a team and put differences aside to achieve a common goal.
  • We expect only the best of our peers, our teachers, our staff, our principal, and our parents.
  • We ask for help when we need it and help others when they ask.
  • We never give up, make excuses, and do our best to overcome challenges.