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Cell Phone Policy

Protocol for Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Our Policy 
In order to MAXIMIZE INSTRUCTION and MINIMIZE DISTRACTION, UASPA is committing to collecting phones every morning and re-distributing phones at the end of each day. 

Upon arrival at school, all students must turn off their phones, place a sticker on the phone with his/her name, and turn phones over to staff members for secure storage during the school day.    

Staff should not see any phone at any time. If a staff member sees a phone during the school day, it will be confiscated, given the dean of students and will need to be picked up by a parent.  If a student violates the protocol 3 times, the student will not be able to keep his/her phone with him/her at school.  

I Know That I Have A Right To Be 
-  In a safe and supportive learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and  bigotry;
- Told by my school what is appropriate behavior and what actions may result in disciplinary actions; 

- Counseled by members of the professional staff when my behavior may have a negative effect on my education/welfare at school; 

- Provided with due process of law in instances of disciplinary action for alleged violation of school rules or the Discipline Code that may result in my suspension or removal from class.   

I Agree To
- Follow all rules in the Discipline Code; 

- Obey my school’s policy about cell phones and other electronic devices; 

- Behave respectfully, without arguing, and cooperate when a staff member give me director or makes a request, including to turn over my cell phone or other electronic device; 

- Refrain from taking photos and videos of other students, staff, or school security agents with staff authorization; 

- Only use cell phones or other electronic devices in class if I have the teacher’s permission; 

- Never use my cell phone or other electronic device to “sext” or intimidate, embarrass, threaten, or bully others; 

- Keep my parents informed about school-related matters and make sure I give them any information sent home. 
I Understand That
- I should travel to and from school using safe, familiar routes with good lighting, refrain from using shortcuts through isolated areas, and not display my electronic devices or carry them in a manner that attracts attention while traveling. 

- Cell phones and electronic devices may not be used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises; 

- If I violate my school’s policy or the Discipline Code, my cell phone or other electronic device will be confiscated; 

- If I use my cell phone or other electronic device to take photos or videos of others without staff authorization, or to bully, threaten, or intimidate others, or to “sext” or cheat, I will be disciplined in accordance with the Discipline Code; 

- I am not permitted to charge my cell phone or other electronic device at school; 

- I assume all responsibility for my cell phone and other electronic devices if I bring them to school.  My school is not responsible for stolen, damaged, or lost devices. 
Protocol for Collection and Distribution of Cell Phones  
- Prior to scanning, students are to report to the cell phone station. 
- Students will ensure that a sticker is placed on the phone with the student’s name. 
- Students must then turn over their phone to staff members who will secure the phones during the school day.  
- Students will proceed to an assigned location depending on their advisor: 
Dean/ Station 

Eden / Johnson / Shanahan / Sowah 
Diaz / Basement 

Brown /Granstrand /Lazarus / Marquette / Ross 
Johnson / Dean’s Office 

Fickel-Krizan / Karim / Rauch / Sheehan-Preacely/ Smith 
Blandon / 230 

Barrett / Bartley-Richard / Cooley-Reid /Jordan /LaMarche/ Lewis 
Lassiter / 2nd Floor 
- Staff members will verify that a student is permitted to leave at that time 

- Students who have a 9th period class will not be permitted to take their cell phone at the end of 8th period 

- If a student’s program has changed, he/she must demonstrate to the dean at the station that the program has changed by showing the dean the program.  If a student does not have his/her program, he/she must step to the side and wait until there is time to verify the program change.