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Academic Environment & Four-Year Curriculum

Core Academics
  • Every student has access to 5 AP classes. In addition, through our partnerships with SUNY Old Westbury and the National Equity Lab, students have the opportunity to take dual enrollment classes and earn college credits in Algebra, U.S. History, and Economics while in high school. This means students graduate from UASPA with a college transcript!
  • Small class sizes ensures personalized attention for all students.
  • We ensure a challenging college preparatory curriculum in which performing arts is used as a teaching tool in all classes to motivate students toward academic achievement.
  • Our highly qualified teachers believe that all students can learn and work to build personal relationships with students to help to achieve academic success.
Performing Arts Education
  • Starting in grade 9, students will be exposed to and perform in three aspects of the performing arts - Dance, Theatre, and Vocal.
  • After a brief rotation through the majors, students will declare an area of concentration in one of the three performing arts offered.
  • Students continue their studies throughout their four years at UASPA, culminating in the Arts Exit Exams taken during senior year as a prerequisite to earning the Arts Endorsement on their diplomas.
Four Year Sequence
  9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
English 9
English 10 AP English Language AP English Literature
Math Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 / Trigonometry AP Statistics
Science Living Environment Earth Science Chemistry AP Psychology
Social Studies Global 9 Global 10
AP US History
Government and
Foreign Language   Spanish    
PE / Health
PE 9
PE 10 PE 11 PE 12
Dance 9
Theatre 9
Vocal 9
Dance 10
Theatre 10
Vocal 10
Dance 11 (3 credits)
Theatre 11 (3 credits)
Vocal 11 (3 credits)
Dance 12 (3 credits)
Theatre 12 (3 credits)
Vocal 12 (3 credits)