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Academic Environment & Four-Year Curriculum

Core Academics
  • Small class sizes ensures personalized attention for all students
  • We ensure a challenging college preparatory curriculum in which performing arts is used as a teaching tool 
  • in all classes to motivate students toward academic achievement.
  • Our highly qualified teachers believe that all students can learn and work to build personal relationships with students to help to achieve academic success
Performing Arts Education
  • Starting in grade 9, students will be exposed to and perform in three aspects of the performing arts - Dance, Theatre, and Vocal
  • After a brief rotation through the majors, students will declare an area of concentration in one of the three performing arts offered.
  • Students continue their studies throughout their four years at UASPA, culminating in the Arts Exit Exams taken during senior year as a prerequisite to earning the Arts Endorsement on their diplomas.
Four Year Sequence
  9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
English English 9 English 10 AP English Language AP English Literature
Math Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 / Trigonometry AP Statistics
Science Living Environment Earth Science Chemistry AP Psychology
Social Studies Global 9 Global 10
US History or
AP US History
Government and
Foreign Language   Spanish    
PE / Health
PE 9
PE 10 PE 11 PE 12
Dance 9
Theatre 9
Vocal 9
Dance 10
Theatre 10
Vocal 10
Dance 11 (3 credits)
Theatre 11 (3 credits)
Vocal 11 (3 credits)
Dance 12 (3 credits)
Theatre 12 (3 credits)
Vocal 12 (3 credits)